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About Me

A sailor first

I'm a sailor. I grew up sailing with my Dad who had two vices, sailing and ice cream. I was away from the water for several years and came back to it "quite by accident". The moment I got out in the middle of the Bay with the sails up, all the memories came flooding back and I "fell in love" again. Sea Jewel teaches me and takes care of me and whether I'm working on her or sailing her, there is no place I'd rather be.

A canvas designer second

It's really difficult to choose a picture to put here as I want to feature both the bags and the boat work. Hopefully the site has given you a bird's eye view into both, giving you an idea of me as a designer.

I love to sew in the winter months and enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ideas and designs. The materials available now for crafting beautiful, functional and durable creations are limitless.



Being a boat owner means I understand the love we all have for our boats. I began doing canvas work to make Sea Jewel more beautiful and keep me more connected to her during the winter months. The need to create and expand soon led to canvas work for others.

I am fortunate to have a studio space at my home which is 6 minutes away from the marina. This makes measuring and patterning more enjoyable as the weather often dictates my access. It also means I have less overhead and can pass those savings along to you.

As I completed more and more orders I collected pieces of leftover material from my various projects.  This led to making canvas bags of various shapes and sizes. I use the excess sunbrella canvas for the outside and find beautiful interior linings from various sources.

The bags lend themselves to all kinds of intricate designs utilizing all of the materials I use when doing the boat canvas work. I am meticulous in my work and enjoy the challenge of coming up with new designs for the boats and the bags.

What our customers are saying

This is the nicest piece of canvas work I have ever had on my boat Faith. It fits perfectly and it is so well made. Just wonderful!

Mark - Squalicum Harbor - Bellingham, WA

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