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I built this sail cover for my Cal 2-34. I put reinforcement around the boom vang & topping lift as those areas had worn badly on the old cover. Most importantly I wrapped it around the boom securing it with twist lock fasteners. My boat is subject to high winds as her slip is just forward of the breakwater in Bellingham Bay. 

I also added reinforcement where the line comes off the boom vang and back to the winch that secures it. The old cover was badly torn in this area. I constructed it similarly to how you would install lazy jack slits on a sail cover. Again the twist lock fasteners keep it secure. The new cover has been on the boat for 4 years and shows no sign of chaffing.

I built this sail cover for Misty Blue Yonder. She's a 45ft Jeanneau and part of the San Juan Sailing and Yachting charter fleet. The owner wanted her sail cover to wrap around the boom as well. This was a challenge as her boom sits tightly on top of the dodger.

When building a sail cover it's customary to use twist lock fasteners along the bottom edge for closure. This owner wanted straps to give more flexibility around his new sail. These also provide more air flow which helps dry out moisture.

Sail packs, covers with lazy jack slits & custom design sail covers are available.

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