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Wine or Water Bags or Both

This idea was presented to me by a slip neighbor who had purchased one elsewhere for his wife. He often invites me to his boat for happy hour, (which is always a glass of wine for me), after we've been working on our boats all day. He knew I was making bags and thought this would be the perfect addition. I often gift one of these when invited for cocktail time.......makes it easier to bring my own bottle of wine, (which is the customary practice among boaters) and then leave the bag behind for the hosts to enjoy.
The wine or water bag fits both a standard size bottle of wine or a big bottle of water. Made of sunbrella fabric and linings of various designs this bag is stronger than it looks. The rope handles are put through grommets ensuring their ability to hold the weight. Each end is then tied in a tight knot ensuring they will never fray or fall out of the grommets.
Each bag has a pocket on the front to hold a wine key or whatever you'd like to fit in there. The inside seam is reinforced with binding. The burlap wrapped around the bottom of some of the bags also adds to their strength. An alternate design of these bags is a web handle sewn in between the canvas and the lining down the sides for strength.
Regardless of your preference for the bag's use you'll find its construction durable, attractive and a welcomed gift should you choose to part with it. The web and rope handles shown in the last two pictures run down the full length of the bags giving them added strength. 
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