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Having grown up in a boating family I've seen many configurations of tote bags. It seems the important features are plenty of room for many things, handles that won't ever give out, multiple pockets of various sizes and ease in cleaning.

The display case in this photo was specially made by a friend to facilitate ease in selling the bags at vendor fairs. It shows off the bags beautifully and is a work of art in and of itself.

3 tier display.jpg
The 3 tier shelf shows off my latest fabric patterns. All of my bags have 2 interior pockets, one is designed to hold a tablet and the other a book. The 2 exterior pockets will hold your phone and key fab for easy access. I "borrowed" this design from a tote I was given at a women's boating workshop in Olympia.
This is one of my original tote designs featuring grommets to hold the rope handles securely ensuring their strength and durability. I call this lining my Caribbean collection and like all the linings I use, It's washable.It's my favorite design due to its multiple pockets inside and out. The idea is to facilitate ease in getting to whatever you may need.
 All of my bags will hold whatever you can stuff into them and all come with care and cleaning instructions.

More bags of various styles and closures

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