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Canvas & Screen Enclosure for Lady of the Sea

The canvas enclosure in the top four pictures is my first experience in building a deck enclosure of this size. The design and sunbrella fabric choice are a collaboration with the boat owners. My challenge was in creating a 36" doorway up top that shrunk down to a 29" opening that attached to the door and allowed access to the back deck. A separate piece of material and velcro accomplished the goal.  

The screening is a vinyl "wicker" fabric from Sailrite. The owners will be taking Lady of the Sea and her guests up to Alaska and wanted a material that would let in the light but effectively keep out the bugs. Although a bit awkward to work with, this material is bulletproof yet beautiful. I am honored to be a part of this magnificent vessel which they have completely refitted.

Fishing Boat Enclosure

The first picture is all of the canvas pieces piled on top of each other with protective paper in-between. This was my first experience working with this easily scratched vinyl with lots of curves in each piece.

The next 3 pics were sent to me by the fisherman after he installed it, took the boat out for a fishing derby and put it through a gale storm.


I was fortunate to have the pattern of the old enclosure to go by when building this thing. It's a bit tricky to construct these things when you don't have easy access to the boat. As you can see his lives on a trailer in his front yard which is in Deming. Although modifications were needed, having the old canvas pieces made it possible to create the beautiful new enclosure long distance.

Custom panels for a porch overlooking the water

The customer wanted to cover the lattice work on this porch enclosure at his mother's place. This was truly a custom project as well as a leap of faith as I was relying on his measurements and specific requests without access to the porch itself.

There wasn't much room for error as he wanted to velcro it on 2 sides and fasten it top and bottom. I never get pictures of the installed panel so I can only assume all went well as I never heard from him again.

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