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Handbags & Wristlets

The handbags were born out of ideas suggested by the women in my family. The handbag works well for carrying your laptop on board with pockets inside and out for keys, glasses, phone, wallet...the essentials you'd want to have with you out on the water. Each one is beautifully lined, has a lobster claw closure and an adjustable strap that allows you to carry it on or across your shoulder. It's a great everyday bag as well. 
The wristlets or coin purses can hold money clips, credit cards, change, makeup, etc and can be put inside any of the other bags or carried separately. All are beautifully lined and have zipper closures, pockets inside and out and a "handle" made from rigging line or rope. Each handle is run through a grommet below the zipper and finished with a "monkey fist" ensuring it will never come off. 
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