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Canvas Bag Ensembles

The first bag I ever made was the white tote with the green burlap bottom & web handles shown in the second photo. I fell so in love with the lining material I wanted to make more bags with it. I had lots of leftover sunbrella canvas from boat projects so I started fashioning different designs. Then came the discovery of all the beautiful lining materials so it became the standard to make every bag in every design resulting in the creation of the ensembles. Each bag can also be purchased separately.
All ensembles include a tote, wine/water bag, ditty bag, handbag, wristlet, duffel bag and tool bag. The structure of each design is the same...all made with sunbrella marine grade canvas, rope or webbing handles, interior and exterior pockets and lined with a complimentary, nautically themed fabric.
The ditty bags and tool bags are not lined as they are intended to be more of a functional sailor's bag. I also wanted to preserve the history of these bags making them more practical for rougher use and to throw in the washing machine. The bottom of these bags is made of phifertex which is a vinyl, weave material that allows moisture to drain out easily.
3 shelf display.jpg

This first photo was taken in my sewing studio behind my house. These are my original designs focusing on Pacific NorthWest colors and boaters. The second photo shows the evolution of fabric patterns and putting the beautiful yet durable linings on the outside appealing to a larger population for years of use and enjoyment.

The Scotty bags were inspired by a couple who came by the coffee shop everyday walking their Scotties on the way to their boat. I especially like the piping around the bottom of the tote. The ditty, wine bag and wristlet are classic boating fabrics and colors.

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